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How to plan an intranet security review (with bonus checklist)

Your company’s intranet system contains a wealth of sensitive information, from employee data to confidential documents and more. Do you know how to protect it? Let’s talk about how to plan and conduct a thorough review. Then you can use the free intranet security review checklist to make sure you got it all.

State of Internal Communications 2024 (report)

We asked hundreds of Internal Communication (IC) leaders and practitioners to share their perspectives, experiences and insights into creating highly effective and impactful communication strategies. Their input, colored with the perspectives of industry experts, reveals a vivid picture of the current state of internal comms.

Revolutionize the employee experience with an AI-powered EX platform (ebook)

It’s time to embrace the power of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) to dramatically improve the employee experience (EX). And we’re going to show you how a modern intranet with purpose-built AI capabilities across the platform is the path forward.

ChatGPT for IT: 50+ best ChatGPT prompts for IT support and more

More than a year after the launch and wild popularity of ChatGPT, one thing has become clear: GenAI is smart and fast, but it’s only effective when you know how to use it. The wrong ChatGPT for IT prompts produce buggy, often inaccurate replies. The right inputs, on the other hand, can help IT pros accelerate their workflow and quickly troubleshoot problems.