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Effective Online Communication Platforms for Virtual Classroom Engagement

Student-to-teacher interaction is an essential aspect of virtual classroom engagement. The goal of engagement and interaction in virtual learning is similar to traditional education. Its purpose is to build links, cohesiveness, and share information. You improve the learning environment by creating a social presence in your remote classroom. Both teachers and students can adopt tools of communication for online learning. The tools help them overcome many remote teaching and learning challenges.

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Formal vs Informal Communication in the Workplace: Unveiling Differences

Effective communication is crucial to any successful workplace. It sets the foundation for collaboration, productivity, and positive workplace relationships among colleagues. In the dynamic landscape of professional interactions, understanding the two primary modes of workplace communication, formal and informal, is essential.


Lessons from the Guardians of the Galaxy on how to overcome communication barriers

How on Earth, or anywhere else, do aliens communicate with each other? Most of us struggle to master a second language, so how do people from different worlds communicate? Suspending our disbelief momentarily, there’s a lot to be learned from how these creatures overcome communication barriers.


17 essential internal communication tools for the digital workplace

Ever since the father of modern communications, Alexander Graham Bell, gave humanity its first telephone, the world has changed. We now carry the world in our pockets on our smartphones and can communicate with anyone, anywhere around the globe. Today, we have so many tools that some are devoted solely to internal communication. And we're sharing 17 that you'll want to pay attention to below!

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10 Internal Communication Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Excellent internal communication procedures are frequently associated with increased production, earnings, and employee happiness. Your workers will benefit from your excellent internal communications plan when they entirely comprehend the company's goals, values, and culture. However, internal communication conundrums are commonplace in many businesses. This is a problem as it can disrupt workflows, confound attempts at collaboration and lead to confusion on a company-wide scale.

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Communication Channels for Business: What Is It & How to Choose the Right One

Effective business communications are the key to the well-being of any company. They are responsible for clear planning, team collaboration, and coordination of the company's employees' actions, reaching agreements with partners, and successful communication with real and potential customers. What to pay attention to? Business communications are not just about making deals or managing personnel. They have their structure, principles of use, types, forms, means, and channels of application.


14 game-changing benefits of employee communication apps

As digital transformation revolutionizes the business world, employee communication apps have become a game-changing tool for organizations. These apps have become increasingly popular across industries by facilitating seamless internal communication and enhancing the employee experience.


Communication Strategies in the Workplace: Tools and Resources for Doing it Right

A good communication strategy glues a business together. A bad communication strategy can pull it apart. An effective manager is always looking for the best mediums of communication for their business, but workplace communication isn’t just a matter of keeping in touch. Truly effective communication strategies mean understanding that your team consists of individuals with unique personalities and different communication styles in the workplace.