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AITSM and AIOps: Why They are Different and What Organisations Should Focus on First?

There’s a lot of interest in the opportunity of artificial intelligence (AI) for IT service management (ITSM), especially with the media hype caused by ChatGPT and other generative AI tools. This is not only influencing ITSM tool product development, it’s also had an impact on “marketing machines” and the terms employed to help sell products and services.

Watch: Zendesk CEO Tom Eggemeier dives into future of AI, CX at Axios event

😯 "Our prediction would be over the next five years, customer experience is going to be more disrupted than it has for the past 50 years due to AI." 💡 Zendesk CEO Tom Eggemeier revealed at the @axios #AI+ Summit that common customer service pain points can be a thing of the past with AI's help. Zendesk makes customer service better. We build software to meet customer needs, set your team up for success, and keep your business in sync.

Guiding AI innovation: Miro's principles and practices

At Miro, our mission is to empower teams to create the next big thing. As we navigate the evolving landscape of AI technology, we’re keenly aware of the exciting opportunities it offers, as well as the potential challenges it poses. We believe that simply harnessing AI isn’t enough; it must be wielded with both responsibility and care.


Mariena Quintanilla's Guide on How to Reduce The Fear of AI

It’s no news that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the ways in which we live, work, and connect. However, along this array of possibilities, it has also led to fears and concerns about its use and potential consequences. But what if we could turn these doubts into curiosity? What if, instead of viewing AI as a threat, we saw it as a powerful ally for our day to day tasks and responsibilities?

Conversations with Zendesk ft. Automattic

In this fast-paced 30-minute conversation, Zendesk’s Joey Edwards is joined by @automattic's Head of Artificial Intelligence, Andrew Spittle, who will share how AI is rapidly changing the world of CX. Automattic is the company behind @WordPress and its open-source CMS powers 455 million websites across the globe. The company recently launched an AI writing assistant, and is now developing a range of AI applications to enhance CX.

AI Customer Service Solutions: Revolutionizing Support

Businesses are always called to keep up with the latest trends in today’s fast-paced world, ensuring exceptional customer service. Incorporating AI in customer service has become a necessity, not just an option. AI customer service solutions are revolutionizing the way businesses handle customer support and enhancing the overall customer service experience. Vivantio’s CEO, Greg Rich, highlights the transformative role of AI.


11 ways to use AI for a better employee experience

AI for employee experience means leveraging artificial intelligence technology to improve all aspects of the employee journey, including onboarding, performance, development, support from internal service teams and access to information to perform daily tasks. The key to running a successful business is creating an environment that fosters an exceptional employee experience (EX).

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Workflows in Education: How To Leverage Workflow Automation

Every school encounters a wide range of administrative tasks. Workflow automation software is revolutionizing education by easing the burden of these duties. From managing admissions and scheduling classes to tracking student performance and coordinating events, the list is exhaustive. These crucial responsibilities can distract educators from their primary role: teaching. Imagine an environment free from piled-up paperwork, where schedules update themselves, and notifications arrive autonomously.This isn't a far-fetched dream.

Zendesk CEO Tom Eggemeier: "There's going to be a huge evolution over the next five years [with AI]"

😯 "I think there's going to be a huge evolution over the next five years." 💡 At the @axios #AI+ Summit, Zendesk CEO Tom Eggemeier acknowledged the challenges with building confidence in #ArtificialIntelligence but argued that those fears will soon be dispelled. Zendesk makes customer service better. We build software to meet customer needs, set your team up for success, and keep your business in sync.