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Understanding Leader Standard Work For Management Professionals

In today’s highly unstable economy, effective leadership is more important than ever for business success. As a management professional, you’re more than likely aware that the role of the leader extends beyond mere decision-making. It involves a whole set of responsibilities, including setting organizational goals, guiding and managing others, fostering a positive and productive culture, and ensuring that the team operates seamlessly.


Software for Team Management (Include Monitask)

Are you looking for a better way to manage your team? If so, you’re in luck! There are many top-rated software solutions available that can make team management a breeze. In this blog post, we will take a look at 10 of the best team management software solutions on the market today. We’ll discuss what each one offers and how it can help improve team productivity.


How to Avoid Working Overload on Your Team?

Work overload is a common issue that many teams encounter in the workplace. It can have detrimental effects on both the well-being of employees and the overall productivity and performance of the team. Understanding what work overload is and how to avoid it is crucial for maintaining a healthy and efficient work environment.


Employee leadership development: Why every employee should be a leader

Employee leadership development is a topic of discussion for organizations worldwide as they look for ways to increase efficiencies and retain top talent. Betsy Leatherman, Global President of Consulting Services at Leadership Circle, calls this cultural shift the “democratization of leadership.” In a recent interview, we discussed the many benefits of employee leadership development and strategies for empowering employees to become great leaders.

Leadership Agility and Resilience | Scaling Enterprise Agility | Atlassian

Guest host Nick Polce, Business Agility Practice Lead at Accenture, speaks with Diana Larsen, Leadership Agility Advisor at Eos House Consulting. Nick and Diana sat down at the Agile Australia Conference to talk about how, even though retros are often a device that gets set aside when things are busy, changing your teams’ way of thinking about retros can improve efficiency in both short sprints and over the long term.

Building transparent leadership and trust from the intranet up

Trust is currency in organizations. At a time when remote work is more common than not, change is the only constant, and retaining talent is a top priority for many employers — transparent leadership is key. Leaders who are transparent stand out. They lead the way for stronger teams, resilient cultures and ongoing success.


Types of communication styles leaders should know about

Communication styles are not innate. We are not born with them—we learn them. If you would like to learn how to communicate better at work or at home, or if you would like to teach employees, managers, or leaders how to use better communication styles to ease tension and inspire confidence, you can do that.


How to Encourage Participation in Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have undeniably improved workplace communications. With so many remote team communication tools with advanced features like Q&A, breakout rooms, chat, reaction icons, virtual whiteboards, and so on, it has never been easier to ask questions and seek ideas from meeting attendees. But, think back to your virtual meetings this week. How many of them were successful? Are awkward silences the norm in your meetings?