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Microsoft 365 Outage on June 5th, EX571516, MO571683

On Monday morning, June 5th there was a wide scale outage for Microsoft 365. Interestingly, for this one, they first reported it with a barrage of duplicate health status emails (why, we have no idea) but the issue was much more widespread than that – it was affecting most Microsoft Office 365 services: The first incident was Incident EX571516: Some users are unable to access Outlook on the web, and may experience issues with other Exchange Online services.


Timesheets for Payroll

Timesheets for payroll or payroll timesheets are an essential tool for businesses to accurately track employee hours and calculate payroll. They provide a transparent record of time worked, helping businesses ensure compliance with labor laws, prevent fraud, and maintain accurate payroll records. Among workers who diligently track their time, only 66% in the United States and 54% in Canada are compensated based on hourly wages.


4 ways to simplify your Zendesk reporting

When it comes to Zendesk Explore and reporting in Zendesk, there's no denying Zendesk’s power in analyzing customer data and uncovering insights. However, even experienced users will acknowledge that Zendesk Explore can be complex to understand, and challenging to master. Perhaps you’re new to Zendesk, or are a long-time Zendesk user who’s recently been tasked with new reporting responsibilities?


Enhancing Project Manager's Work With Google Workspace

In today’s digital age, remote work has become the new normal for project managers leading teams. To thrive in this environment, it’s crucial to have the right tools that facilitate seamless communication, collaboration, and organization. This is where Google Workspace comes in.


Create a Customer Service Knowledgebase

A customer service knowledgebase is a hub of information for your customers. It is considered an essential self-service option for companies of any size or industry. A knowledgebase (KB) will include answers to common questions about your products or services. It might also include detailed guides on how to solve issues or perform actions. A KB can be a helpful tool from the agent perspective as well. For instance, agents can consult articles to provide accurate answers.


Best Employee Monitoring Software in India (Top 5)

To be competitive in today's fast-paced digital environment, businesses must integrate technology into their processes. Employee Monitoring Software in India can boost your business. Moreover, India's IT industry is growing and its population is tech-savvy, so it uses this type of software more. These technologies are more critical than ever due to remote work and difficulty managing big teams across locations. Employee monitoring isn't about suspicion or privacy violations.


How to Create an Effective Project Management Timeline?

A Project Management Timeline is a detailed task schedule that helps teams to set clear directions and priorities to close the most critical tasks first. It is an outline or draft including details of the tasks to be done and their respective deadlines. A project timeline enables the entire team to track when each task will be fulfilled and when the whole project will be completed.

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5 Tips to Improve Employee Digital Experiences

Companies' reliance on technology grows daily. However, with Information Technology (IT), infrastructure complexities on the rise, overall system performance fluctuates. Any network, app, or service delay hinders individual and corporate performance. Identifying the source of these digital pain points resembles searching for a needle in a haystack. What follows are a handful of tips, so you sift through the hay faster, reduce outages, and improve employee digital experiences.


Role of Employee Monitoring in Fraud Prevention

Fraud has become a significant concern for organizations across various industries, leading to As organizations strive to protect themselves from fraudulent activities, employee monitoring becomes vital in fraud detection and prevention. By monitoring user activities, you can proactively do the following tasks: This blog will discuss the importance of employee monitoring in fraud prevention, features of monitoring software, and more.