Need For an Effective Insider Threat Incident Response Plan - Key strategies to practice

Proofpoint Threat Report 2024 indicates that 80% of industries experience negative consequences due to growing data breach incidents. Rising instances of workplace non-compliance and unauthorized data exposure mostly involve threats within organizations (70%), including intentional, unintentional, and accidental internals. The alarming insider threat landscape hints at the high demand for data-critical businesses to implement a robust incident response plan and strengthen their security posture.

8 most secure government communication platforms

Clear and accessible government communication is key to building trust and transparency between the government and its citizens. It empowers citizens by keeping them informed about policies, initiatives, and decisions, fostering a more educated and engaged society. However, accomplishing these purposes on a large scale presents a major challenge regarding compliance, security, and interoperability.

It Takes 86 Days to Detect a Threat from Within - Here's How Insightful Can Help

Explore the dynamics of insider threats, uncovering the motivations and behaviors behind them. Learn how Insightful's PC monitoring screen tools enhance detection and response strategies, empowering organizations to protect their sensitive data effectively.

Data Privacy Challenges and Solutions - Effective Strategies for Security Teams

In 2024, around 90% of organizations expressed concerns about growing internal data threats – among them 53% of organizations find it tricky to identify and curb data risks while 37% of organizations find internal data breaches more difficult to predict and prevent than external data attacks. The surge in unauthorized data exposure has almost doubled since 2019, indicating an urgent need to control malicious insiders and information security.

Data Security in Database Services: Best Practices for Protecting Sensitive Information

In an age where facts breaches and cyber threats loom massive, safeguarding touchy statistics stored in database services is paramount for companies throughout all sectors. Whether it's purchaser records, economic information, or highbrow belongings, the outcomes of a statistics breach may be devastating, ranging from economic loss to irreparable damage to popularity.

Safeguard mission-critical work with Atlassian Guard | Atlassian

Guard your organization’s next big idea with Atlassian Guard – our most advanced security offering. Enable your teams to collaborate securely across Atlassian cloud products with proactive security controls, actionable detections, and suggested remediations to respond to threats before they become incidents.

Safeguarding against rising data threat instances - The role of wAnywhere security

Growing data breach occurrences are the biggest concern for industries where maintaining high regulation is critical. With the challenges ahead involving managing remote and hybrid teams in evolving workplaces, aligning them with compliance rules, and securing business operations – concerned organizations with data-intensive operations are looking for the right solutions to gain threat intelligence and avoid non-compliance or loss of client trust.

The Role of Website Monitoring in Preventing Cyber Security Threats: Protecting Business

Cybersecurity threats are a constant concern for businesses in the digital age. Hackers constantly find new ways to breach security systems and steal sensitive information. Website monitoring is crucial in preventing these threats and protecting your business from the damaging effects of a cyber attack. But what exactly is website monitoring, and how does it work?

Improved Usability: Wire's Desktop & Web Updates

One thing that we can all agree on is that we should always work on improving ourselves. It’s in this spirit that we proudly bring to you an improved calling User Interface (UI) and a more convenient conversation view for Wire's desktop app (Windows, MacOS) and our app for your web browser. We made it easier to choose audio and visual outputs, view reactions, and conversation views. Less steps, less clicks; better communication! Let’s get into it.