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Bitrix24 Introduction Webinar - 2024

This is a 2024 update to our annual Bitrix24 Intro Webinar. We introduce you to Bitrix24 and the essential tools that it offers. We break down each tool and see how it works in the Bitrix24 portal. Bitrix24 is a comprehensive platform that combines project management, communication, document management, and CRM features to help businesses streamline their operations and improve collaboration.

10 Best Construction CRM Software Reviewed for 2024

The construction industry is moving from strength to strength. Among the trends that are emerging in 2024 is the way that technology, including construction management software, is enhancing project efficiency and accuracy. This is where construction CRM software comes in. After all, the industry thrives on strong client relationships and meticulous project management. Traditional methods can make tracking leads, proposals, and project details a nightmare.

Bitrix24 Product Talk: Tasks & Projects Overview

Bitrix24 offers robust task and project management features, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. You can create, assign, and track tasks, set dependencies, and manage subtasks and recurring tasks. A standout feature is the ability to measure time spent on tasks, providing insights into productivity. You can easily visualize and manage projects with Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and workload management tools. Integrated communication tools like chat and video conferencing ensure seamless team collaboration. Bitrix24 streamlines operations and enhances project efficiency.

Salesforce Integration for Miro: 2 Way Data Sync

The Salesforce integration for Miro integrates a real time, 2 way data sync between Salesforce and Miro. This video will show you how to import Salesforce opportunities, accounts, and contacts directly from your Salesforce instance. Once you’ve imported your Salesforce Objects within Miro, you can then edit, update, and collaborate on Salesforce Objects directly in Miro without leaving your Miro board. All updates you make in Miro will be updated in Salesforce in real time. At the end of the video, you will learn a bit more about enhancements which will be made to the app in the future, such as more filtering capabilities.

How to create a CRM strategy that drives sales and loyalty

A CRM strategy is a company-wide plan to increase revenue and improve customer relationships using specific actions and technology. In this piece, we teach you how to build a CRM strategy with the use of CRM software. CRM software helps teams turn strategy into action by consolidating data. It also helps teams improve existing CRM strategies to better meet customer needs. In business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, the buyer journey is paramount. Happy customers are loyal to brands they love.

How To Implement & Utilize A School CRM: A Guide for Educational Leaders

A well-implemented school CRM can streamline communication, strengthen relationships with students and families, and ultimately fuel a thriving school community. However, navigating the process of choosing and utilizing a school CRM can feel overwhelming. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and steps you need to successfully implement and leverage a CRM for your school's benefit.

Here's Another Way to Integrate Aircall and Salesforce

For any sales team who utilizes phone calls as part of their sales strategy, Aircall and Salesforce are a match made in heaven. Indeed, there are thousands of users who combine these two platforms to create highly effective sales functions. If your business uses both Aircall and Salesforce, it’s likely you will have checked out Aircall’s Salesforce integration which allows you to integrate the two platforms.