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A Step-by-step Guide for E-commerce Customer Service Strategy

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed us all out of our comfort zones – both merchants and consumers. What might have evolved over a decade happened within eight weeks in 2020, when retailers quickly launched e-commerce websites and figured their way through digital payment, order fulfillment, and warehouse management processes. Consumers got equally adventurous too.

Optimize Operations and Drive Business Growth | Freshworks

Imagine unlocking actionable insights, enhancing operational efficiency, and boosting customer service performance - all without the need for cumbersome analytical reports. Generative AI tirelessly analyzes performance data, identifies critical insights, and proposes optimizations that go beyond expectations. Need proof? Freshworks' beta customers efficiently directed over 14,700 tickets, saving agents a staggering 83% of time on ticket triaging. Whether your aim is streamlined operations or catalyzing business growth, watch how generative AI empowers organizations to achieve more with less.

How To Create Effective Cybersecurity Policies

In today's hyper-connected world, where we live, work, and play online, cybersecurity awareness isn't just a buzzword; it's a digital survival skill. In this video, our Freshworks infosec experts Navapriya Mohankumar and Ramya Subramanian guide you with insightful tips to create a clear, easy-to-understand, and measurable cybersecurity policy. As simple as enjoying a pizza 🍕🛡️🔒

Unlocking Agent Productivity with Generative AI | Freshworks

Generative AI is not only making life easier for customers who want quick answers to their questions, it’s making life easier for the agents who are dedicated to delivering a top-notch customer experience. See how generative AI is being used to help support teams respond faster, boost productivity, and save time. And be sure to check out how AI can be your personal productivity amplifier in our free guide to unlocking the power of AI for customer support.

29 Customer Service Tips to Deliver Great Customer Service

What is the most important thing you can do to reduce churn and increase word-of-mouth referrals? The answer is obvious, but it’s often overlooked: improve your customer service. No matter how awesome you think your product is, or how skilled your customer support team is, your customers are most likely to remember the direct interaction they have with your company.

8 Essential Customer Service Skills l Improving the Customer Experience

Great customer service isn’t possible without the right customer service skills. In this video, we show you the top 8 customer service skills for 2023. Timestamps: Intro - 0:00 Why are customer service skills important? - 0:25 8 customer service skills you need - 0:42 Tip #1: Empathy - 0:46 Tip #2: Product knowledge - 1:23 Tip #3: Collaboration - 1:42 Tip #4: Speed - 2:03 Tip #5: Communication skills - 2:13 Tip #6: Data-centricity - 2:31 Tip #7: Consistency - 3:10 Tip #8: Adaptability - 3:28.

58 Conversational AI Statistics You Can't Ignore

Artificial intelligence today is a transformative reality. As pioneers in this realm, Netomi presents a comprehensive list of 58 conversational AI statistics. These figures not only highlight the growing influence of conversational AI and AI chatbots but also offer a glimpse into the future of human-machine interaction.

53 Impressive Generative AI Statistics You Need To Know

Generative AI is rapidly transforming the way we interact with digital systems. From the halls of Congress to the dorm rooms of TikTok users, generative AI is everywhere. It’s reshaping industries, from entertainment to healthcare, and it’s only the beginning. Here is a compilation of thought-provoking Generative AI statistics.