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Top Zendesk features you don't want to miss

Whatever tools we use to make our lives easier, more productive, or more profitable, the message coming out of Relate 2023 was clear: success depends entirely on whether your technology actually helps humans get the job done. Certainly it was a year of change and, at Relate, our new CEO Tom Eggemeier shared his vision for how Zendesk will deliver intelligent CX in the days ahead. We also launched our largest product announcements for the year, including Zendesk AI.

The role of AI in self-service and knowledge management I Conversations with Zendesk Podcast

We build on our previous episode by exploring the role of AI in improving your self-service efforts and building effective chatbots.. We discuss: Zendesk makes customer service better. We build software to meet customer needs, set your team up for success, and keep your business in sync.

Support Ticket Lifecycle: How To Take Control

Support tickets are the primary way that users communicate incidents and problems. This is why it is important for businesses to understand the support ticket lifecycle, as well as the interventions and tools that can speed up the resolution process. To help businesses understand how they can improve, we are going to cover.


Skills-based routing: definition, process and best practice

If you have a large support team, it can be difficult to maintain complex workflows. In an ideal world, your team would easily distribute tickets to the people who know how to handle them best – with no time lost unnecessarily bouncing support tickets between different agents or departments. Without the right tools, teams have to use cumbersome and costly workarounds to route tickets to the right places.


Fill knowledge gaps with the Knowledge Capture app

A comprehensive knowledge base is an essential piece of any 21st-century support operation. But implementing it is just the first step – maintenance comes next. The best way to maintain your knowledge base is by harvesting support agents’ collective knowledge – but they’re often swamped and enabling their contributions can be a huge operational hurdle. Fortunately, you can easily capture content using the Zendesk Knowledge Capture app, which helps agents in three key ways.


Chatbots: Empowering Customer Service Amid Turbulent Times

Chatbots are fast becoming part of the digital core of tech tools that companies utilize as a secret weapon to increase their competitive advantage in the customer service arena. At the same time, chatbots are solving a very real problem taking place today: of a decrease in available customer service agents and positive customer experiences due to an economic downturn. Some of the biggest corporations in the world are experiencing layoffs.


Help Desk Ticket Workflow: How to Improve and Optimize

Establishing a quality help desk ticket workflow is the key to achieving quicker and higher quality resolutions. Not only does this achieve better outcomes for users, but it also improves business operations and makes service departments more cost-effective. Many of the issues that cause delayed responses, missed tickets, or return tickets for issues that weren’t resolved correctly are caused by broken or poorly optimized help desk ticket workflows.


A Guide to Incident Management Ticketing Systems

This post will help to answer the following questions: Incident management is a core function of any IT department, covering internal and external support ticket resolution. As such, it’s not surprising that many companies building out their IT department will likely implement an incident management ticketing system. Support tickets, or incidents, represent an individual user issue with a business’s product or IT network.