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Cingulum Health Uses OneDesk to Enhance their Patient Management Workflow

For the Cingulum Health team, the highest level of patient care and attention is a must. We recently spoke to the practice manager at Cingulum Health whose clinic has recently switched over to using OneDesk. With OneDesk’s combination of support and project management features, this leading clinic has been able to streamline their operations, allowing them to focus on providing the best patient care.

31 fun ways to start a meeting and make mornings better

Jon: How was the meeting? Bob: Well… the donuts made the hour-long meeting worth it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother to go. Do you go to meetings for the donuts or for the conversation? Most companies invariably have one (or more) morning meetings, and we often find them annoying and disruptive to our daily routine or tasks at hand.

10 Best Project Time Management Software for 2024

Looking for the best project time management software in 2024? Software for project time management is the need of the hour for organizations. These solutions help businesses and their teams effectively manage, schedule, and organize tasks. However, there is a catch. You need to use software that fits all your requirements. With so many project time management tools in the market, getting the best-fit solution for your business can be overwhelming.

Remote employee engagement: How to keep your team inspired

Over the past year, many companies have noticed that working remotely isn’t quite like working in the office. Remote employee engagement is more important now than ever before because working from home introduces new distractions and detachment. Remote employee engagement is complex, but far from impossible. In this post, we’ll dive into what remote employee engagement actually looks like. We will also cover how you can leverage it to strengthen your remote team.

Employee engagement: How to actually measure and increase it

Employee engagement is a metric that shows an employee’s commitment to their workplace and their motivation to work. High employee engagement can improve employee performance, productivity, customer experience, and more. In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of high employee engagement, its driving factors, and the teams responsible for managing it. We’ll also discuss the different surveys to measure employee engagement and steps to create an action plan.

New in Basecamp: Assign names and images to group pings

Pings are an essential communication tool in Basecamp — if you need to collaborate outside of a project or discuss something more privately, send a ping. But when you have a lot of pings with a lot of people, it’s hard to tell conversations apart. A single name and a few avatars are all you have to go by. You have to open each thread to figure out who’s in which one. Not anymore! Now in Basecamp, you can add a name and image to your pings so they’re easier to identify.

10 Best AI Project Management Tools You Must Try in 2024

Managing projects is no one-size-fits-all affair. You might juggle tasks in your email, stick post-its everywhere, or plot everything on a Kanban board. That’s where AI project management tools come into play. They’re not just about keeping tabs on who’s doing what; they help everyone stay connected, collaborate seamlessly, and keep all your project details in plain sight. And guess what?

Bitrix24 Introduction Webinar - 2024

This is a 2024 update to our annual Bitrix24 Intro Webinar. We introduce you to Bitrix24 and the essential tools that it offers. We break down each tool and see how it works in the Bitrix24 portal. Bitrix24 is a comprehensive platform that combines project management, communication, document management, and CRM features to help businesses streamline their operations and improve collaboration.

The 16 best employee engagement software

Looking for the best employee engagement software? The past decade has seen a rapid surge in the number of startups and new businesses. While this growth undoubtedly leads to a higher employment rate, it can also cause a serious problem – a high employee turnover rate. Now that employees have so many options to choose from, the companies’ pressure is to provide an excellent work culture and environment to retain their best talent.