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Insightful Tools for Insightful Leaders: Enhancing Remote Work with Performance Analytics

Explore the benefits of performance analytics tools for remote work and learn how to become an insightful leader that knows how to monitor pc activity without being creepy. Discover the best options for managers and remote employees to optimize productivity and engagement.

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How to increase productivity with workday analytics and insights

Increasing productivity improves cost efficiency. The more productive your people are, and the more repeatable the processes underpinning that productivity, the more costs stay under control while revenue rises. This is because ‘productivity’ is greater than the sum of its parts – those parts being broadly categorized into ‘people’ and ‘performance’.


Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Transform Insurance Customer Experience

Insurance industry is witnessing a significant transformation driven by advanced analytics. And with an increasing number of customers seeking personalized services and seamless experiences, insurers are under pressure to adapt. A recent study reveals that 68% of insurance customers expect their providers to offer tailored solutions, while 89% believe a smooth customer experience is crucial. Staying in sync with the transformation is a must for businesses in the insurance sector.


How InvGate Uses InvGate Insight

When we originally developed our products, and as we improve them over time, we are always oriented towards solutions we want to use. And there is no better proof than showing you how effectively InvGate uses InvGate Insight to implement our IT Asset Management (ITAM). Ricardo Mariño, Internal IT at InvGate, shared with us a thorough behind-the-scenes look at how Insight plays a crucial role in our day-to-day processes and operations.

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11 best call center analytics software to assess performance

Building a successful call center requires ongoing efforts to track agent performance, improve call times, and increase customer satisfaction. If you’ve tried monitoring these metrics with spreadsheets or other manual methods, you probably found them to be inefficient at best and inaccurate at worst. With call center analytics software, you can efficiently track the metrics that matter to your team.

Boosting Customer Support & Success with Data

Join Nicole Barrish and Liam as they delve into the world of data-driven customer support in this quick YouTube Short. They discuss the vital role that data plays in optimizing the customer service experience at their companies. They uncover the process of pinpointing essential factors that shape successful customer interactions and satisfaction and how frontline employees play a critical role in fine-tuning these procedures.

HR Data Analytics | Workstatus

This video explores how Workstatus can help you implement HR data analytics in your organization. Workstatus is a powerful software solution that enables you to track employee productivity, monitor team performance, and optimize HR processes using data analytics. Key Benefits Whether you're a business owner, HR professional, or team leader, this video provides valuable insights into how Workstatus can help you leverage the power of data to drive better business outcomes.

HR Data Analytics: The Power to Revolutionize Performance Evaluation

The Human Resources (HR) department is the backbone of any company. The responsibilities of HR teams are not limited to managing employee data and ensuring compliance but also to look after the strategic decision-making process. Data analytics has made it possible for HR professionals to streamline their operations and improve the efficiency of HR processes.