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State of Internal Communications research findings: An interview with Simpplr Chief Insights Officer Jordan Katz (podcast)

Technology is rapidly evolving — and so are many Internal Communication teams, which are leveraging innovations from generative AI to virtual assistance to increase productivity and magnify the impact of their work.

Next in EX: Investing in 'AI for good' (ebook excerpt)

This is the first part of a series about the future of employee experience (EX). For the full picture, get your free copy of Next in EX: Trends shaping employee experience. There’s a lot of hype, fear and skepticism surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on work. AI technology itself is not inherently good or bad; it’s about how organizations and individuals choose to use it. When used responsibly and ethically in organizations, AI has the power to transform EX.

How to teach AI to write in your exec's voice (Intellicomms)

This article was originally published on Mister Editorial. Breaking news! Generative AI tools are imperfect! But that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved. By now we know that when you prompt a chatbot (like Copilot, ChatGPT) the output is dull. The simpler your prompt, the blander the response.

How to use AI to personalize and target internal communications - and why it matters

Information overload is real. Employees are bombarded with emails, texts, instant messages, notifications and more — causing stress, hindering productivity, and increasing the likelihood of important messages getting lost in the clutter. So, how do you cut through the noise as an internal communicator? Personalization and targeting.

Highlights from Simpplr's Internal Communications Virtual Summit 2024

Thousands of IC pros passionate about elevating employee communication and experience tuned into our first-ever Internal Communications Virtual Summit. And wow, we learned some incredible insights, innovative strategies and forward-thinking best practices from industry experts on topics ranging from harnessing AI for comms to research into the current state of internal communications and lots more in between.