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How to Improve IT Support? 9 Ideas For Your Service Desk

To master the art of running a successful service desk, imagine it as a game of chess. Each piece, whether it's your team, the tools you use, or the strategies you implement, plays a crucial role in winning the game. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to how to improve IT support, but the tactics outlined in this article will undoubtedly boost your service desk's efficiency, enrich the user experience, and optimize the Return on Investment (ROI) of your tool.

A Comprehensive Guide to Workforce Planning

In the ever-changing business world, organizations constantly face challenges related to workforce management. The key to taking a leap high and above these challenges lies in effective workforce planning, a strategic process that aligns the goals of an organization with its resources. In this comprehensive guide, we dive into the ins and outs of workforce planning, emphasize the need for strategic thinking, and provide a road map to its success by achieving an improved employee productivity rate.

After the Taurus leak: what you should look for in a secure messenger

The Taurus leak has startled politics and society in Germany. Shortly before the weekend, Russian propaganda outlets reported on apparently intercepted confidential conversations of the German Air Force, triggering numerous discussions about the state of IT security in the army. "The incident shows that secure communication is still a challenge for many people, even in a professional context," says Benjamin Schilz, CEO at Wire. "Security must be accessible and easy to use.

Advancing Team Collaboration with Memorable Domain Names

Picture your team, each member's brain buzzing like a well-oiled machine, seamlessly exchanging ideas. Now imagine if a single, memorable domain name could turbocharge this process. It can. The strategic pick of a domain is not just an address; it's the fuel for efficient team collaboration and communication. Consider Troop Messenger as your digital roundtable—the place where minds meet and innovation sparks.

What CEOs really think about hybrid work dynamics

In recent years, the nature of work has changed dramatically, with the idea of hybrid work assuming a central role. CEOs from all across the world are weighing in as companies struggle with this new reality, offering a wide range of perspectives and tactics to get through this unfamiliar area. Using data from the most recent Fortune/Deloitte CEO poll, this piece explores the nuances of hybrid work and provides executives with a thorough manual for creating a positive work environment.

69% of employees fear return-to-office challenges

Employees are feeling both nervous and resilient about the shift from remote to in-person operations as businesses around the world progressively restore traditional work conditions. Genius Consultants has released a survey that highlights the changing nature of the workplace and indicates that most employees are preparing for the difficulties that come with this change. Here’s a closer look at the data and opinions that characterize the return-to-office movement as it exists now.

Open Office Concept - The Ultimate Guide in 2024

Have you ever thought that there is a direct relation between productivity & architecture of your office? And this relation is scientific. I am obviously not speaking from the perspective of ‘vastu-shastra’. Basically, back in the 1900s people used to work within an open-office concept, where there is no division of internal wall, cubicles, or any such setup which makes an employee ‘alone’. Such a setup was discovered keeping the productivity of employees in mind.