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4 ways to simplify your Zendesk reporting

When it comes to Zendesk Explore and reporting in Zendesk, there's no denying Zendesk’s power in analyzing customer data and uncovering insights. However, even experienced users will acknowledge that Zendesk Explore can be complex to understand, and challenging to master. Perhaps you’re new to Zendesk, or are a long-time Zendesk user who’s recently been tasked with new reporting responsibilities?


How we're using Geckoboard to discover the right sales KPIs

TouchCare’s sales team recently expanded. It was at this point COO, Juliet Frerking knew it was time to bring in a system of KPIs to support the team’s growth and set them up for success. But how would she decide which KPIs to track, and which metrics to ignore?


Geckoboard had a direct impact on our sales figures

When Dymatec began expansion into the US, Vaughn Newton wanted to share sales targets in a way that would make new team members across the pond feel included. What he hadn’t banked on was the profound culture change that would happen as a result of making sales figures visible to everyone.


How Sycous reduced 'Dropped Calls' by 97% with Geckoboard

At the start of 2023, Sycous’ Support agents had no access to live Zendesk data. Data Analyst, Michael Brooke would spend an hour each day creating reports for the Support Manager, and the agents would only see what was happening at monthly meetings — well past the point where they could affect what was happening. With a spare TV lying around the office, they decided to try a real-time dashboard. Spoiler alert: it was a huge success!