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No-Code Workflow Builder: Automate Processes Across Your Business!

Workflows are a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes – if they are intuitive enough to be used by tech and non-tech-savvy people alike. InvGate Service Desk's visual workflow builder already allowed users to drag and drop components into a process to define its multiple steps. But with the latest update, they can build, modify, and optimize them in minutes without technical knowledge — making it perfect for speeding up your Enterprise Service Management (ESM) strategy!

Customer First: Simplifying Ticket Management with TeamSupport

In today's fast-paced world, every second counts. Enhancing the efficiency of support teams is not just a necessity but a mandatory strategy for businesses aiming to thrive. It's all about optimizing the customer experience and ensuring that interactions are as seamless as possible. This is where a stellar support ticket system becomes indispensable.

What is customer centricity? Here's how to put your customers first | Zendesk

Wondering what it truly means to put your customers first? We've got you covered. Discover what customer centricity means, why it’s so important, and dive into three essential tips for prioritizing a customer-centric culture within your business. Watch now and take the first step to leading your business towards a customer-centric future.

HaloITSM New Features: Q1 2024

Introducing the latest enhancements in HaloITSM! We’ve been hard at work incorporating your feedback to bring you a more efficient and flexible platform. Q1 of 2024 brought a range of new features, from leveraging AI for report queries and redesigning OLA configuration, to integrating Microsoft Teams chats directly within tickets, these updates are all about making your IT Service Management smoother and more tailored to your needs.

How to Build a Flawless Onboarding Workflow [+Free Template]

Employee onboarding can be a logistical nightmare if the process isn’t laid out just right. For this purpose, creating an efficient onboarding workflow is crucial. After all, you want your new hires to stick around and thrive, not run for the hills. To help with this process, this article dives into the nuances of developing an effective onboarding process, specifically utilizing the capabilities of InvGate Service Desk.

New InvGate Service Desk's No-Code Workflow Builder

Workflows are a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes – if they are intuitive enough to be used by tech and non-tech-savvy people alike. With this in mind, we’ve just redesigned InvGate Service Desk’s no-code Workflow Builder to make the experience much more accessible.In a nutshell, we kept all the functionalities our users already enjoyed but simplified the UX/UI, reduced the learning curve, and added some pre-built processes so you don’t need to start from scratch.

TeamSupport's Latest Product Release Gives Users the Ability to Create Custom Ticket Workflows

TeamSupport is excited to announce the launch of its newest release, Status Approval Workflow—the first release in a series of workflow options that will be available in TeamSupport in the coming year. TeamSupport currently allows any user within an organization to update the status of a ticket, but in some cases, these actions need to be signed off or approved by a specific team member.

What is Workflow Management? Benefits, Templates, And Automation

Building a robust workflow takes time and requires mapping out all the details of what everyone is doing. But, once it is set, you’ll soon see the positive results that come with Workflow Management and implementing the right automation tools. The practice leverages software and tools to automate routine tasks, streamline operations, and reduce the likelihood of errors. Effective Workflow Management speeds up processes and provides a clear framework for tracking progress and accountability.