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time doctor

10 excellent attendance tracking software (features, pricing)

Whether you manage a hybrid team or a fully remote team, you need a reliable attendance tracking solution to monitor employee work hours. If you currently track team attendance manually, you’ve probably run into issues like: With the right attendance tracking software, you can automate time management, integrate employee systems, and even gain insight into improving performance and productivity. So which platform has the employee tracking technology you need?

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10 Best Time and Attendance Software for Hospitality Businesses

Month after month, a record number of Americans are quitting their jobs – an impact felt across all industries, including the hospitality industry. Whether you own a restaurant, a hotel, or a retail company, we want to make one thing clear: At the highest level, this is a management system issue. We don’t mean an issue with you, the management, we mean an issue with the concept of management in general.


Top 6 Employee Attendance Trackers to Consider in 2022

Looking for a way to boost business performance effectively? You can do that by using an employee attendance tracker. The reason why is pretty straightforward. Certainly, monitoring your team attendance can give you insights that will help you manage your team better. However, the old-fashioned way of tracking employee attendance using a visual spreadsheet is troublesome, outdated, and wrong.

Employee Attendance Management System - Workstatus

Workstatus #attendancemanagementsystem makes it easier to manage attendance and access control, as well as improve efficiency in the workplace by accurately #TrackingEmployeeAttendance whereabouts and preventing time theft, among other benefits. With Workstatus, you will know exactly how many hours your employees work and how much time they spend in meetings and how many days off are taken in a year.
time doctor

How to Use Time Doctor's Attendance Report and Work Schedules to Save Time and Increase Productivity

Whether your teams are remote, hybrid, or in-office, maintaining good attendance is a crucial component to any company’s overall success. Attendance is an important factor in productivity and team morale and can give great insights into employee engagement. With more companies than ever transitioning to a permanently remote or hybrid workforce, flexible schedules and flex time policies are quickly becoming a standard practice, making attendance management more difficult.

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Free Printable Employee Attendance Calendar 2022 (Excel, PDF, Word)

You rely on your employees to deliver top-notch services and meet business objectives. Naturally, you need to account for their paid time off (or annual leave), sick leaves, and other inevitable emergencies which may cause them to skip a day of work. Tracking employee attendance and proactively monitoring their leaves can help you develop a contingency plan in their absence. This way, your business operations can continue uninterrupted.

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How to Conduct Employee Attendance Evaluation (2022 Guide)

Employee attendance evaluation involves recording and analyzing employee presence to evaluate how regular and punctual they’re. With routine attendance evaluation, the supervisor can spot employee absenteeism, tardiness, and other attendance issues and create plans to address them. It also helps regulate paid time-offs and minimize payroll errors, improving your profit margins. But how do you carry out an employee attendance evaluation?