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Network Path Monitoring Pinpoints and Mitigates Connection Bottlenecks

An employee calls complaining about slow response time. Another one has similar trouble. No red lights are flashing on the Network Operations console, so the network is up and running. What is happening? Frankly, it could be just about anything: an overworked router, a runaway process on a laptop, a slow loading web page, or a bandwidth hog at home.

How can air-gapped networks offer airtight security?

With the advancement in technology and rapid digitization, the potential risk for cyber crimes has also increased to a great extent. These risks often incur a data loss, negatively impact assets, and in some extreme cases, lead to plant shutdowns. In order to mitigate such risks, many businesses are now shifting towards adapting the air-gapped network strategy. This security measure ensures that systems and their stored data are protected from unauthorized access.

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What's Using Your Bandwidth? Here's a Monitoring Tool

Bandwidth monitoring provides IT administrators with the assurance that the network has sufficient capacity to run business-critical applications. In addition, network ops team have end-to-end visibility to identify network hogs that cause the congestion. Typically, when a single component overloads in any network, it can bring the entire operation to its knees and impact the employee digital experience. For example, even if you may have a dedicated service plan from your ISP, employees will end up complaining about issues like large file transfer time and slower applications.

Exoprise Expands Network Visibility into Microsoft Teams and Leading UCaaS Applications

As businesses pivot towards multiple UCaaS platforms, the latest Exoprise monitoring solution offers deep application and network intelligence to support a modern workforce with a great digital experience.
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How to Get Real-Time Network Insight into Microsoft Teams Call Quality

A recent Exoprise customer survey found that 60-70% of application problems occur within the enterprise environment or home network/ISP. So, if you need to resolve Teams call quality problems, it's best to investigate your network before you try and finger point to Microsoft. In today's article, we see how this applies to Exoprise when team members work from home or in a hybrid work setting. Last Friday, at about 10:00 am EST, I jumped on an impromptu video call with one of my sales colleagues to discuss an ongoing marketing project. Although I am based in the Northern Virginia area, my comrade (as they say in British English!) is from Boston.

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3 Reasons You Need a Digital Experience Monitoring Solution

Exoprise customers are already enjoying the full benefits of 24*7 active monitoring for their enterprise applications. Don't believe us? Take a look at one of our case studies. While synthetic monitoring (aka Active Monitoring) is great for proactively detecting SaaS, network, and Internet outages, the IT world has now switched to Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions. Thanks to Covid, that took the world by storm.


Subnet Masking Cheat Sheet: A Beginner's Guide to Subnetting

Network engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve the security and efficiency of their IT networks. High latency can affect the user experience and security measures can have costly impacts on the organization. And splitting the organization’s assets into different networks instead of one single large network achieves this. It reduces network collisions and computing demands from the devices and improves efficiency and improves the user experience.

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WiFi Observability to Boost Employee Digital Experience

We are all moving towards a digital workplace - or a hybrid work scenario. Whatever be the case, you can expect end-users to call and complain about a poor WiFi experience. That's because network monitoring needs to be done from their standpoint, not from the enterprise end. And without the correct WiFi observability data, it's challenging to narrow down the root cause of the problem affecting remote employees. And those problems - poor WiFi performance leading to poor digital experience - can be pervasive and persistent.


VXLAN vs VLAN: a Definitive Guide

With the widespread adoption of cloud technology, data centers play a huge role in running key applications and business processes for organizations around the world. In 2022, the IT spending on data centers is expected to be $227 billion, and $237 billion by 2023. To run these datacenters profitably and deliver quality service to their customers, organizations are constantly trying to squeeze out maximum performance from the hardware.