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Eficode acquires Clearvision to take on UK and USA

Eficode has acquired Clearvision, a solutions provider for Atlassian, Git, and open-source tooling. The acquisition fortifies Eficode’s presence in the United Kingdom and establishes Eficode in the United States. With Clearvision, Eficode will accelerate the adoption of its Eficode ROOT managed DevOps platform in the UK and the USA and will introduce its Agile and DevOps services to Clearvision’s customers.


How Internal Communications Can Show Value During Mergers and Acquisitions

Lately, it’s not hard to go on LinkedIn, read online, or hear the news about a merger or an acquisition (M&A) transpiring. Two weeks ago, Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines announced they were merging. Last week, WarnerMedia and Discovery announced they received government approval to merge into one large media conglomerate. And then there are the acquisitions going on in tech, healthcare, and everywhere else.


Zendesk welcomes Cleverly

At Zendesk, we believe a key component of providing great customer experiences includes ensuring your agents are armed with the right tools and processes to deliver them. But with conversation volume increasing by more than 20 percent year over year, over a growing number of channels, support teams are struggling to keep up. As a result, businesses increasingly turn to AI to provide faster and more reliable service and make teams more efficient.


M-Files and Hubshare: Delivering a Best-in-Class Digital Client Experience

A key component of most successful organizations is truly seamless collaboration. Oftentimes, there is a tendency to think about collaboration with an internal focus - is everyone at my company able to collaborate? While that is certainly an important part of the equation, of equal or greater importance is the ability for companies to effectively collaborate with their customers and clients.


M-Files Acquires Hubshare to Strengthen External Content Sharing and Collaboration, Deliver Best-in-Class Digital Client Experiences

AUSTIN, Texas – April 6, 2021 – M-Files, the intelligent information management company, today announced the acquisition of Hubshare to bolster external content sharing and collaboration and deliver an improved digital client experience. Hubshare offers a secure digital workplace portal that enhances user and client engagement through collaborative working, secure file sharing and project management.


Messaging is now mainstream: Salesforce's acquisition of Slack

The internet is changing all aspects of business communication, and with more of us than ever working remotely, it’s a change that is accelerating. Messaging—the ability to synchronously communicate with teams, coordinating work and workflows—is at the center of this new mode of day-to-day business life. The importance of messaging tools—like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Mattermost—is well-known to those who have already made this shift.


Zendesk Acquires the Company Behind Base to Deliver Software Designed for Salespeople

SAN FRANCISCO — September 10, 2018 — Zendesk, Inc. (NYSE: ZEN) today announced it has acquired FutureSimple Inc., the company behind Base. Base is known for building modern, easy-to-use sales force automation software designed to help salespeople do their jobs more effectively.


Better together: Zendesk welcomes Base

Happy agents, happy customers, right? That’s the premise that Zendesk was founded on, and over a decade later, our ease of use is still one of the top reasons that businesses love our customer service and engagement platform. Today we have news: We’re sharing that love with another—related—part of your business: the sales team. Zendesk announced today that we are acquiring Base.