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From micromanagement to empowerment: Cultivating a culture of accountability and efficiency

You would be hard-pressed to find a team leader today who acknowledges being a micromanager. But they’re out there and doing untold damage to morale, productivity and profit potential. Micromanagement’s most immediate impact is on employee engagement levels. Feeling controlled, undervalued and unable to make decisions, employees withdraw or leave altogether. But the influence goes far beyond disgruntled employees.

Using communications to transform culture at Nissan

Change management is a scary topic — especially when it involves transforming culture. But, you shouldn’t shy away from opportunities to champion change within your organization. We recently had the opportunity to discuss transforming culture with Brian Brockman, VP of Communications for US and Canada at Nissan. In the interview, we unpack several interesting topics and lessons Brian learned while working on the Nissan Next initiative.

HR Trends 2024: A Human-Centric Approach to Work Culture

Explore how prevailing HR trends, shaped by industry giants like Google and Salesforce, are transforming talent acquisition, employee retention, and leadership development. Discover how Insightful's work hour tracker & productivity software can revolutionize your HR practices, ensuring your team remains ahead of the curve.

Everything you've wanted to know about transforming culture with Brian Brockman

This episode features an interview with Brian Brockman, VP of Communications, US & Canada at Nissan Motor Corporation. In this episode, Amanda sits down with Brian to discuss transforming work culture, crafting an equitable employee experience, and how internal and external communications can flow together.

4 ways to preserve company culture during an Agile Transformation

“Change is the only constant,” the Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said. And in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, this statement has never been more valid. But with change comes fear — especially when it threatens the established ways of doing things in a company. Agile transformations, though rewarding, can bring about such fears.

10 essential tips on how to improve company culture

Are your employees engaged at work? Chances are, they’re not. Data shows that only 32% of the American workforce is engaged in their work. That leaves a whopping two-thirds who feel some level of disengagement from their job. A company’s culture profoundly affects employee engagement levels, as well as other aspects like customer service quality and staff retention. Fostering a healthy workplace culture is highly important, and most people agree.

Creating a strong remote work culture within your organization: tips and tools

A few decades ago, working from home was a luxury. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has boomed, and flexible work environments have become almost an expectation of employers. The accelerated shift to remote work has presented many challenges, particularly around communication, monitoring progress, and meeting deadlines. But it has also created many opportunities, such as access to more talent, better work-life balances, and enhanced company cultures.

Cultivating an Effective Remote Culture: From Mindset Shifts to Measurable Benchmarks

Dive into the evolution of today's dynamic business landscape with a focus on remote and hybrid work models. Discover the strategic planning, mindset shifts, and benchmarks essential for organizations to not just adapt, but thrive in this new era of work. Find out how employee tracking systems like Insightful can help!

Building a Collaborative Work Culture: Tips for Success

In the fast-paced and interconnected business landscape, we inhabit today, collaboration emerges as a formidable catalyst for organizational success. Cultivating a vibrant work culture that embraces collaboration goes beyond the surface level of teamwork, it fuels innovation, sparks creativity, and enhances problem-solving capabilities. When a diverse group of individuals comes together within an atmosphere of trust and open communication, something extraordinary takes place.

Building a Collaborative Culture Through Empowerment

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, organizations must be agile and adaptable to succeed. A collaborative culture is key to building a team that can work together effectively and takes advantage of new opportunities. However, creating such a culture requires more than just a desire to collaborate. It requires a deep commitment to empowerment. Empowering your team members can lead to increased motivation, engagement, and better decision-making.