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Tips for using Zendesk AI for your customer service

Obtain actionable tips and tricks from our machine learning experts on how to get the most out of Zendesk’s Advanced AI and achieve service excellence. Zendesk makes customer service better. We build software to meet customer needs, set your team up for success, and keep your business in sync.
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Culture Matters: Understanding the Impact of Company Culture on Productivity

What sets the top-performing organizations apart from the others? Is it their clever strategy, superior products, or better people? While these factors may provide an advantage for a period of time, the sustainability and growth of a competitive advantage requires a more fundamental foundation. This foundation is culture. ‍


10 Tools to Keep Your Workflows Aligned While Promoting Positive Team Culture

A positive team culture encourages people to express themselves freely – while still being professional, of course. Teams need to work as a unit for a company to grow. And they work best when the team culture facilitates and rewards healthy collaboration based on honesty and transparency. Given how dramatically the work culture has changed in the last few years, you need the right tools to keep going.


The CIO's vantage point for shaping company culture

Editor’s note: Tech decisions can set the tone for how employees experience belonging, especially in distributed workforces. Successful leaders often cultivate company culture through digital workplace experiences. CIOs enjoy an outsized role influencing company culture, even before employees or customers are onboarded. “I hold the keys to the experience that every employee has,” said Colleen Berube, CIO and SVP Operations at Zendesk.

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The Negative Impacts of A Non-Productive Culture

The lack of a productive culture can signal serious problems for an organization, especially in the fast-paced and highly competitive Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector. So if your organizational culture is unproductive, you’ll need to identify the reasons why and develop solutions to motivate your workforce. In this article, we’ll look into the effects of an unproductive culture, discover the leading causes, and tell-tale signs indicating the lack of a productive culture.

7 ways to establish an empowering collaborative culture in your workplace

The benefits of team collaboration are clear. Employees can do more and perform better when they work together towards a common goal. Working collaboratively brings out the best in each employee and they take pride in knowing that they are part of a team. As a result, employees are happier and less stressed, which increases engagement.


Build a Better Company Culture with These Tools

A good company culture has become increasingly important to employees over the years, making it equally as important for companies looking to hire and retain employees. Digital tools like LMS, engagement platforms, work tracking software, and even a work time-keeping app can help organizations strengthen their company culture while doubling down on digital transformation at the same time.


Company Culture, Company Values: Why Do They Matter?

Unfortunately, some of us hear “company culture” and “company values” so often during hiring, performance reviews, and team building that they’ve lost all meaning—especially if we never see them in action at work. But have you ever considered how the two interact? What’s often misunderstood is what company values are, why they matter for creating a supportive company culture, and how you can bring the two together.