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Escaping the Founder's Trap: Transitioning from Start-Up to Scale-Up

Leap beyond startup challenges with Insightful’s employee time tracking and computer activity tracker. Learn how to delegate effectively, embrace new ideas, and scale your business with strategic leadership. Explore our guide on transitioning from a startup to a scale-up and empower your team with the best productivity tools for managers.

10 Growth Hacking Strategies Adopted by Top Remote Startups

This comprehensive guide offers deep insights into the most effective growth hacking strategies that have powered successful remote startups. From harnessing referral programs to building communities, these strategies can transform your growth trajectory. Learn how remote work monitoring software can be a powerful tool to streamline your operations and optimize productivity, facilitating faster startup growth.

11 challenges startups face

We originally posted this blog back in 2016, but now that we’re a little older and wiser, we thought it was time to revisit it. As a company, we’re now over a decade old, and this year our founders Peter and Daniel won the prestigious EOY Entrepreneur(s) of the Year award (yay!). So it’s probably safe to say we’re not exactly a startup anymore. But we were. And it taught us some of the most important lessons we needed to know in order to get to where we are today.

10 Helpful Tips to Grow a Productive Workflow for Your Team

Productivity is vital in any workplace - it drives a company or organization towards success. A productive workflow can be achieved by following simple tips that help create an efficient working environment and team. Great things can happen when everyone is on the same page and working together efficiently. But what happens when your team's workflow starts to drag? Here are ten tips to help you get your team back on track and boost productivity.

7 Essential Business Tools for Startups

Every multi-national company today was once a startup and to be a successful company, there are some business tools for startups. Due to the rising cost of everything, startups and SaaS companies want to minimize their costs to have enough capital to run their business further. One of the most difficult part or aspects of starting a business is finding time to devote to it. Several people have found success without dedicating a substantial amount of time to their businesses.

Startup growth-hacking strategies are not one-size-fits-all

There’s no such thing as a foolproof startup growth hack. There’s lots of talk about some of the most famous growth hacks, but they’re usually not repeatable because everyone needs to find their own magic formula: a combination of foundation-building, customer focus, timing, and luck.