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How to set up reports and alerts in Slack

If your team uses both and Slack then it’s likely you’ve tried their native integration for managing activity between the two channels. But what about reporting on the overall performance of your team with data from When working on goals that extend further than individual tasks it can be helpful to have a holistic view of activity in a report.

Microsoft's New Teams Rules-Based QoS Alerts

Microsoft introduced new Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring rules for Microsoft Teams and their administrators. These rules empower organizations to be notified of Teams call quality issues when users are experiencing problems during audio, video, or screen sharing. This article discusses the new monitoring rules, how Exoprise can enhance the rules, and how to monitor Microsoft Teams effectively.

Introducing Insightful Alerts: Streamlined Notifications Tailored to Your Needs

Discover Insightful's newly launched Alerts feature – a game-changer for businesses seeking to heighten efficiency and security. With custom real-time notifications, our insider threat detection tools prioritize data protection, productivity, and proactive decision-making. Streamline your operations and stay ahead of potential risks with Insightful. Visit our website for a comprehensive look at our innovative solution.