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Case Study

How 24 Hour Fitness switched to Jira Service Management for happier and healthier teamwork

24 Hour Fitness worked with FMX Solutions to switch from BMC Remedy to Jira Service Management to reduce silos and save costs. Now 24 Hour Fitness is connecting Dev and Ops to collaborate better and make work more visible. Watch this Team 24 they’ve used Jira Service Management to transform their service management practices.

Palo Alto Networks drives cyber security innovation with Asana

Palo Alto Networks, a name synonymous with cutting-edge cybersecurity, faced a challenge familiar to many: multiple work management systems created inefficiencies that made it difficult to scale. Their solution? Consolidate into Asana and connect their workforce. Thanks to their visionary leadership, Asana is helping define the future of work at Palo Alto Networks, where AI is an integral teammate accelerating the way work gets done.

How Deliveroo unlocked the power of Jira for customer service

Learn how Deliveroo uses Jira Service Management to support their biggest customers and restaurant integrations, delivering more than 100M food orders per year. Hear this Team 24 session covering how they’ve created connected support experiences, automated their workflows, and brought development teams closer to customers.

How a TV dashboard empowered sales teams with real-time data

Victor Figueroa, Farmers Insurance Agency Owner, was building out a sales call center when he realized his old whiteboard wasn’t quite up to the task. He tells us how switching to a real-time TV dashboard has ignited a competitive fire in his sales team. At the end of summer 2023, Victor had the chance to scale up his office space. He wanted to take this opportunity to expand not only the floor plan of his new office but also the way his team worked.

How Prudential Accelerates Agile Processes and Builds Trust with Miro

Discover how Prudential utilizes Miro to foster innovation and collaboration. With remote and hybrid work environments, Miro has become essential for seamless teamwork and design processes. Agile teams at Prudential leverage Miro for PI planning, retrospectives, and other agile events, promoting transparency and collaboration. By replacing traditional in-person retrospectives with Miro's dynamic interface, Prudential enhances visibility and trust within teams. The recent integration of Jira and Miro streamlines workflows, reducing overhead time and increasing employee satisfaction.

Partner testimonial - How is BigIn making the most out of Zoho Projects

BigIn, a software company from Vietnam, has been a reliant partner of Zoho for the last two years. Watch Minh from BigIn as he shares insights about how his teams and customers employ Zoho Projects for small and large scale industries, and how enterprise companies in Vietnam largely benefit from its features, while also offering a glimpse of his personal favourite feature!

How Slack simplified complex operations at Cebu Pacific Air

If you’ve travelled by air, you’ve probably looked out from the boarding lounge and been impressed by all the activity around the planes. There’s food, fuel and baggage going on, and passengers and cargo coming off. It’s impressive because it’s well-coordinated and works smoothly.

Case study: How Kymera Systems Sped up Payment Collection by 75%

Meet Kymera Systems – a company based in Alberta, Canada, specializing in a wide range of custom software development for industrial applications. Their solutions range from easy-to-understand products like billing systems to far more intricate things like custom communication between assembly lines, ERPs, and robots. When it comes to collecting payments for their projects, Kymera has been using Stripe for over four years.

Unlocking Success: Kolleno's journey to effortless sales and marketing campaign planning with Miro

Kolleno’s quest for a tool to revolutionize its multi-channel campaigns planning led to a pivotal partnership with Miro. Miro played a vital role in simplifying planning, fostering teamwork, and boosting productivity. Its visual collaboration capabilities exceeded expectations, setting the stage for Kolleno’s success in efficiently scaling its business operations.