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Case Study


From bootcamp to business to being yourself at Branch

How does one go from bootcamp to business to being yourself? We recently covered all three with Pratiksha Patel, Chief People Officer at Branch, a home and auto insurance company. Pratisksha shared their intentional employee experience process and how they build and inspire top talent.


How we're using Geckoboard to discover the right sales KPIs

TouchCare’s sales team recently expanded. It was at this point COO, Juliet Frerking knew it was time to bring in a system of KPIs to support the team’s growth and set them up for success. But how would she decide which KPIs to track, and which metrics to ignore?


Geckoboard had a direct impact on our sales figures

When Dymatec began expansion into the US, Vaughn Newton wanted to share sales targets in a way that would make new team members across the pond feel included. What he hadn’t banked on was the profound culture change that would happen as a result of making sales figures visible to everyone.


How Sycous reduced 'Dropped Calls' by 97% with Geckoboard

At the start of 2023, Sycous’ Support agents had no access to live Zendesk data. Data Analyst, Michael Brooke would spend an hour each day creating reports for the Support Manager, and the agents would only see what was happening at monthly meetings — well past the point where they could affect what was happening. With a spare TV lying around the office, they decided to try a real-time dashboard. Spoiler alert: it was a huge success!


With Geckoboard, our First Touch Resolution improved by 41%

When Amir started in his role as Customer Service Director at a leading, global software company there was little structure or accountability within the Support team. They weren’t on the same page — and individual performance varied drastically. Being a remote team only amplified the problems, agents were often working in silos with no visibility of what others were doing.


You can't run a Customer Support team on "gut-feel"

Ralph van den Borst has been with 3D printing filament company ColorFabb for four years. When he joined, the team were using Outlook to manage their incoming tickets – they had about 240 sub-folders. He’d often hear the team say things like “we’re really busy today” or “today was a bad day” but as a data oriented person, he couldn’t grasp how they were making such statements.


HP uses Miro to help hybrid teams collaborate and create sustainable behavioral change

HP Inc. (formerly Hewlett-Packard) provides products and services across a range of sectors worldwide. With over 80 years in the industry, HP inspires meaningful progress in climate action, human rights, and digital equity through its portfolio of personal systems, printers, and 3D printing solutions. HP continues to innovate and adapt its products to the changing work climate through sustainable tech and software to support hybrid work.

Customer Story: Next Phase Electric uses Zoho Projects to improve operational efficiency

Next Phase Electric, a California-based electrical contractor and solar installer witnesses clarity over their 3000 projects after adopting Zoho Projects. Since switching to Zoho to manage its projects, the company has achieved more organized operations and clearly-defined processes. Documentation, email notification, intuitive layout, and quick support are the other reasons why the team at Next Phase Electric loves Zoho Projects.