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Active Directory

How to Integrate InvGate Insight With Active Directory

Efficient user provisioning and secure authentication are vital for organizations to streamline IT operations and safeguard their data. And that’s exactly what integrating InvGate Insight with Active Directory (AD) and Azure does. The combined power of these platforms enhances User Management capabilities and establishes a robust framework for identity provisioning and authentication. But, that’s not all!

Global Azure AD Outage Affecting Microsoft 365 Services December 15

Microsoft has had its own share of outages recently and during the evening of December 15th Azure AD was the cloud culprit. As a result, the Exoprise sensors detected this Microsoft 365 outage more than an hour before Microsoft informed customers of the issue. Here’s some of the errors that users were experiencing if they attempted to sign into Microsoft services: Most of our worldwide customers knew well in advance of the problem before users or business suffered.

How to Monitor Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Monitor Microsoft 365 Azure Active Directory (AAD) with Exoprise CloudReady. AAD is an enterprise multi-tenant cloud directory and identity management service. In your business, employees who work from home remotely or the office rely on Azure AD to log in to multiple Office 365 services and access them through a single set of cloud credentials.