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New Datadog integration for Courier notification logs and metrics

The ability to unify all notification metrics and logs across channels and providers into an easy-to-use dashboard is a core advantage of Courier’s notification infrastructure. However, with product notifications so critical to the entire application experience, it’s important to connect that data back to central cloud observability platforms that look across the entire stack.

craft Now Integrates with Miro and Axure is continually adding more workflow capabilities to our end-to-end product management platform. Recently, for example, we announced integrations for design tools Figma, Adobe XD, and InVision. And now, you’ll find even more visual collaboration tools integrated into your workspace — specifically Miro and the wireframing and prototyping app Axure.


Teamwork and HubSpot Part 2: How Teamwork + HubSpot + Zapier Automations Enhance the Customer Experience

With a proliferation of tools, teams often find themselves bogged down by manual tasks, disconnected data, and an overwhelming number of apps to manage customer relationships. This can lead to a reduction in productivity, team alignment, and ultimately, business growth. What’s the solution? Automation! Welcome to Part 2 of our Teamwork + HubSpot No-Code Automations series!

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HubSpot and ChatGPT Integration

As technology continues to advance, businesses are constantly seeking new ways to improve customer experiences and streamline operations. With the constant rise in the impact of AI in work scenarios, you can now give your team the AI assistant they’ve been looking for right in your HubSpot account. Recently HubSpot made a way to improve the HubSpot experience by integrating with ChatGPT the artificial intelligence (AI) bot. This integration can provide significant benefits for businesses.


New RudderStack Integration: Create Actionable Data Insights

Are you looking for a way to gain a clearer picture of your users and use that insight to improve your communication strategies? We've got some great news for you! Today, we're thrilled to announce an integration between Courier and Rudderstack, a customer data platform (CDP) that allows businesses to collect, process, and route customer event data across product, marketing, and analytics tools for better decision-making.

craft Now Integrates with Figma, InVision, and Adobe XD

While is already the most complete product management platform available today, we’re always looking for more ways to build on that unique value proposition — and help companies centralize and streamline more of their work. With our latest design tool integrations, we’ve brought a key aspect of Product Managers’ and Designers’ workflows into the workspace.


How to get tech & biz teams on the same page: Use Trello and Jira together

“Strong collaboration is crucial to the success of any team and organization,” say business leaders everywhere. But what if your team can’t agree on which tools to use? Trying to coordinate work solely through meetings and email gets messy, and you can quickly lose sight of how different streams of work connect to each other. The truth is, sometimes teams within your organization may prefer a tool over another—and that’s OK.


Smarter Customer Engagement Flows with Courier's New Segment Integration

Having a clear idea how your users interact with your app — when they log in, which features they engage with, or which notifications they click on — can help you design a better experience and ultimately increase user engagement. But retracing your users’ steps across various integrations is a complex task. Customer data platforms (CDPs) like Segment seek to achieve it by aggregating event data from multiple sources in one centralized location.


How CRM integrations strengthen your CRM solution

A recent MuleSoft survey found that the average business uses almost 900 different applications—but only 28 per cent of those applications are integrated. This means employees are wasting huge amounts of time switching between apps, searching for information, and entering data manually. But there’s a better way.